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Welcome to the AKOYA Hotel ***** & Spa, where well-being becomes a transcendent experience. In our quest to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we are pleased to introduce our sports coaching offer. Dive into an adventure where vitality and relaxation meet in harmony.

Stretching Yogi: Stretch Your Body and Soothe Your Mind

Join our group sessions of Stretching Yogi, a harmonious fusion of revitalizing postures and soothing breathing techniques. These sessions are designed to improve flexibility, relieve muscular tension and cultivate inner peace. An invitation to deep relaxation to balance your day.

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Gym Douce: Strengthen gently

Our Gentle Gym program, suitable for all levels, focuses on gentle muscle strengthening. Supervised by our sports coach, these classes aim to tone the body, promoting better posture and an overall sense of well-being.

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Circuit Training: Boost Your Energy

For those looking for a physical challenge, our Circuit Training sessions offer a complete body workout. With a variety of exercises and a dynamic approach, you’ll boost your metabolism while building up your endurance. An effective way to inject energy into your routine.

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Individual Sports Coaching: Achieve Your Personalized Goals

Our coach offers you individual sessions, tailored to your personal goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build stamina or work on specific goals, our tailor-made programs are designed to guide you to success.

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Relaxation Day Packages: A Sporting and Relaxing Break

Complete your day by discovering our relaxing day packages, perfectly integrated with our sports coaching sessions. An energetic morning with our sessions, followed by lunch at Le Dôme restaurant and access to our heavenly pool. Experience the harmony of well-being.

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A unique experience at The AKOYA Hotel ***** & Spa

Take advantage of our Déva coach’s expertise to achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the luxurious ambience of the AKOYA Hotel ***** & Spa. Book your session now and begin your journey to better health and total well-being.

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