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High in the green hills of Saint-Leu, nestled on a 7-hectare plot of land certified organic by Certipaq Bio, is the Akoya’s Farm. An agricultural Eden where a passion for nature translates into fruits, vegetables and herbs of exceptional quality.

From Pick to Plate

The symbiosis between Akoya’s Farm and our chef creates a unique gastronomic experience. Inspiration comes from the diversity of produce grown on site, while respect for nature is reflected in every dish served at our Le Dôme restaurant. The farm becomes the veritable garden of our kitchen, where each harvest is an infinite source of new flavors.

Invitation to an Ecological Experience

Take part in this ecological experience by sampling our dishes. Each bite is a declaration of our commitment to sustainability, a walk through the pure flavors of the earth. The Akoya’s Farm is an ally in our shared quest to respect the planet.

Join us for a gastronomic experience that goes beyond the pleasure of your taste buds. Explore pick-your-own with the Akoya’s Farm and discover a new dimension of good eating, well-being and environmental preservation.


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